10 Natural Wonders

No.1 White Desert, Egypt

No.2 Qomolangma

No.3 Aurora Borealis, Canada

No.4 Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

No.5 Uluru, Australia (a.k.a Ayers Rock)
Uluru means “a mountain that is an island.” It is the second-biggest monolith in the world.
No.6 Great Barrier Reef, Australia
The world’s largest coral reef is the one living thing that can purportedly be seen from space.
No.7 Angel Falls Canaima National Park, Venezuela
 Pouring from 985 meters, Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. For such amazing height, the water falls off the peak always evaporates or becomes mist before it hits the ground.

No.8 Kelimutu Flores Island, Indonesia

No.9 Gunung Mulu National Park Borneo, Malaysia

No.10 Grand Canyon, Arizona


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